Teenage kidnapper ‘called the FBI almost daily’ while holding woman as sex slave

Bizarre details continue to emerge following the escape of a kidnapped woman who was allegedly held as a sex slave by a New York teenager. According to new reports, the woman’s captor made almost daily phone calls to the FBI.

Brandon Todd, 19, was arrested on July 10 and charged with the
kidnapping of an unidentified woman. Todd reportedly met the
woman on a cross-country bus, as the two traveled from Florida to
San Diego.

Once they arrived at their destination, Todd suggested they stay
in a hotel together.

Todd made clear his intentions to kidnap the woman, telling her
that he was affiliated with a gang and would have her tracked
down if she attempted to escape. After several days, Todd forced
the woman to travel with him on another bus to Rochester, New
York, threatening to kill the victim’s parents if she resisted.

When the pair arrived in Rochester, Todd’s grandfather picked
them up and drove them to his home, where the 19-year-old lived.

According to an affidavit, the grandfather “would not talk to
[the victim], would not look her in the eye, and did not seem to
care that she was there.

But then, the story takes an even stranger turn — during the
woman’s two-week stay in the home, Todd made almost daily calls
to federal agents.

Court documents say the teenager began making phone calls to the
FBI — the majority of which were received by Agent Barry Crouch.
Todd informed the agency that “he was involved in human sex
” and had recently “recruited” a victim.

Todd stated that the reason he was calling the FBI was that
he had recruited a certain woman, started to have personal
feelings for her, and decided he did not want her involved with
the trafficking
,” Crouch wrote.

Disturbing details of the woman’s captivity, as explained in the
affidavit, include physical abuse and sleep deprivation. Todd
allegedly forced his victim into sex several times per day and
injured her using a belt and heavy boots.

In the move that eventually saved her, the woman faked an asthma
attack so she could be admitted into the hospital. She took that
opportunity to call her boyfriend, and the two then escaped to
Florida together.

After her escape, Todd contacted federal agents “hoping the
FBI would assist him in locating the woman
,” Crouch wrote.

According to the agent, the woman had heard Todd speaking with
Crouch on the phone stating that he was “working with the
.” The false information made the victim question whether
she should file a police report.

The FBI declined to respond to repeated phone calls from ABC

The affidavit was filed by Crouch on July 9, and Todd was
arrested the following day on charges of kidnapping across state
lines — a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life in

Todd appeared in a US District Court in Rochester on July 22, at
which point he requested a private attorney. He has not yet
entered a plea, and no new court date has been set.

Republished from: RT