Taliban kidnap four Afghan soldiers

Taliban militants have abducted at least four Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers in the country™s northern province of Kunduz.

Local officials said on Thursday that the individuals were abducted by Taliban members in Khanabad district late Wednesday.

Khanabad district governor Hayatyllah Amiri also confirmed the report saying the incident happened at Chahar Toot area.

Taliban militants have recently increased their attacks against local officials as well as government security personnel in northern Afghanistan.

On September 19, Taliban militants launched an attack against a convoy of Afghan National Police in northeastern Badakhshan Province, killing at least 20.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan as part of Washington™s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but the country is still gripped by insecurity.

In late April, the Taliban announced the start of their annual œoffensive” against US-led and Afghan forces, vowing a new wave of attacks across Afghanistan.

The militant group said it would use “every possible tactic” to inflict casualties on Afghan and US-led forces. They specifically mentioned insider attacks, and bomb attacks.

The announcement prompted the Afghan authorities to beef up security in major cities across the country, including the capital city of Kabul.


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