Surprise: Mainstream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are a ‘Real Safety Issue’

Christina Sarich

The following may just be one of the most hard-hitting GMO (danger) reports ever aired by the mainstream media. Who would have ever thought Fox news would admit the dangers of GMOs? After all, the mainstream media (MSM) have all but done a complete shut-out concerning activist concerns and anti-GMO marches that have happened around the globe. It looks like the evidence was piling up to be far too incontrovertible, though, as Carol Alt (a super model who has been on over 700 magazine covers) and Max Goldberg of discussed the many studies that articulate the dangers of GMO crops.

If you are going to deliver bad news, it may as well come from a pretty face, right? At least Alt has a history for standing up for true alternative health methods, including raw milk, and the lessening of vaccine use.

Goldberg admits there are no long-term studies on human beings, but that lab tests involving animals are showing atrocious liver damage, kidney problems, and after just three generations of being fed a GMO diet, hamsters are basically sterile. The hosts of the show point out that the main problem is that GMOs are not labeled, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if labeling were to occur, it doesn’t change the fact that GMOs are spreading uncontrollably around the world, contaminating non-GM crops and wild plants.

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