Stealing from the gods: Bilderberg and the new dawn of man

Alexander Benesch
June 2, 2013

“21st century: Biotech, nanotech, fusion and fission and m-theory. And that was just the first decade. We can create cybernetic individuals who — in just a few short years — will be completely indistinguishable from us. Which leads to an obvious conclusion: We are the gods now. Those of you who know me, you will be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited. you know that I will settle for nothing short of greatness or I will die trying.”

Fictional super-rich mogul Peter Weyland in a TED Talk promo for the film Prometheus

Every year the same question is posed or answered in different ways: What is Bilderberg really? What is it at its core? Here is the key answer and definition: People incapable of empathy acquiring the literal powers of gods through science.
The purpose of Google and the NSA is to make the superclass all-knowing, all-seeing and to enable them to predict the future. The drone program is about becoming all-seeing and to become like the god Zeus, sending bolts of lightning at mortals you want to take out of existence.Weather modification, chemtrailing and ionospheric manipulation through systems like Haarp is not just another weapon in the military’s toolkit.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It is about making the weather like a god would do, sending floods and droughts and storms to kill mortals. Genetic engineering and the wider field of synthetic biology is not primarily about making money to buy more vintage sports cars from the 1960s, it is about becoming the creator of life.

Implantable neuro-microchips are about speaking directly into peoples minds, not increasing paper wealth. Transhumanism and gene therapy are about immortality. Research into computer simulations of the human brain are supposed to create controlled matrix-like environments to live out fantasies. Do you desire to squash entire cities like Godzilla from the movies? You can. Want to be Satan and fry people like in old artists renditions? You can. And in case the gene therapy does not yield the desired results you can live forever in the computer simulation.

Money is just a means to an end, not an end in itself. Even the biggest fortunes cannot truly satisfy an educated psychpath on a cult mission. He is seeking godhood, not just castles and limousines. The globalist power clans have classic narcissist personalities. There is the true self, and then there is the fantasy self image of the narcissist. Between these two there is a gap, the so-called grandiosity gap. This gap has to be constantly managed. It must not become too big, otherwise the fantasy can collapse and the person becomes unstable, even suicidal. Obviously they cannot fully perceive themselves as full gods just yet. They get older and weaker, they make mistakes, they have to put in tremendous effort and break a sweat.

The real “god delusion”

The superclass of people comes up with all sorts of bemusing and pathetic explanations about how they are substitute gods: They claim to be avatars, luciferian spirits in a mortal hull. Fallen divine bloodlines, contaminated over the ages with common human DNA, seeking to become full gods again in later generations through selective breeding, magic rituals and technology.

There are many elegant ways for the mentally ill to claim godhood without actually having godlike powers. Adolf Hitler was a clear example of this. Many dramatic quotes people might have seen attributed to him in books and articles, eyewitnesses describing movielike posessions, channelings of entities and annoucing the coming of the aryan Ãœbermensch, the superhuman, are made up. There are not many reliable sources about his private life. Nevertheless he had the same mental illness and was drawn to belief systems which promised magic powers and godhood. His father used to senselessly beat the entire family plus the family dog, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness. After his father’s demise he became a drifter, wasting his time and inheritance trying to become a bigshot. Occultism, gnosticism and germanic mythology influenced him greatly, he believed to be part of the god race.

Psychopaths don’t advertise in the paper that they are looking for fellow psychopaths, they advertise by offering to “improve” you and by seeking out “special people”. The deeper you get in the bigger the promises get. From solving your profane problems over to becoming a magician with special powers to becoming a god.

When World War I was lost and Adolf Hitler was lying in hospital, temporarily blinded by enemy chemical weapons, he completely snapped. He believed more and more that the operas of Wagner were really about him, that he would become the germanic prophet to annouce the aryan messiah. Later in Hitlers career, when he was more successful and powerful, he adapted his fantasy image of himself accordingly. Now he thought of himself as the germanic messiah, not just the prophet.

In past centuries and millenia technology and science was limited. Of course, many sci-fi novellists have claimed otherwise and sold their works of historical fiction as a factual retelling. Yet another example of gnosticism and promising the audience access to magical powers.

Ancient rulers had to develop simple yet effective cult techniques. Today rulers combine this low tech approach with modern high tech. We have been raised in a way that makes us vulnerable to cult mechanisms. People might see through one or more destuctive cults but many of us are still just looking to join a new cult.

The New World Order is too big for a narrow frame

This becomes evident in the discussion of Bilderberg. We see attemps to frame and limit the discussion of it, eliminating all elements that don’t fit into this frame.

There is for example the ideological frame of the hardcore socialists. For them Bilderberg is only the center of capitalism and western dominance. If we only adopted totalitarian socialism and allied ourselves with todays incarnation of the Soviet empire, everything would turn out well and make our dreams come true. The hardcore left will not admit that Bilderberg made socialism and the Soviets and Red China possible. They literally worship Stalin and Mao and Lenin like gods.

The establishment can elegantly counter the leftist condemnations of Bilderberg by releasing books such as David Rothkopf’s “Superclass” or Dr. Ian Richardsons “Bilderberg People: Elite Power and Consensus in World Affairs” to a middle class audience that values productivity and order.

Putin is a virtual clone of the two Bush-Presidents in the US and there also has been massive divergence between the elites of the east and west. The true communists have declared their ideology to be god. The ideology is faultless, impeccable, not even tens of millions murdered under socialism can change that view for them. Ideological enemies are viewed as a disease. They are incapable of logically assessing the faults of their belief system.

Another crippling frame for the discussion of Bilderberg is the mythical one. Some people only value the unknown and the mysterious, because their hopes of becoming magicians and gods are at stake. The true unveiling of a classic, down to earth conspiracy is actually a disappointment to them because it does not leave anything to the mystical imagination. It is like spoiling a movie or a book. They use the discussion of Bilderberg facts as a mere door opener for all kinds of unproven and fantastical claims. At the core is gnosticism again. The argument is this: The elite is so powerful because of magical powers, that is why the decent people need to get into magic and gnosticism too in order to be able to fight them with “white” magic.

The deeper you go down that rabbit hole of mysteries and halucenogenic drugs and lust for magic powers, the more likely you are to become a cult member and change your moral values. No longer is it considered virtuous to fight evil on all fronts, you will actually be convinced that confronting evil, just thinking about the bad things in the world, will magically attract the evil things into existence. Your new moral impetus will be to banish all “negative” thought and strive to conduct magic rituals to send love to the bad guys. Needless to say the hyper aggressive bad guys are laughing their butts off when their opposition has no testosterone anymore, no sense of cause and effect and no natural reactions to the world. The passiveness, hailed as the way towards the light, makes it easier for the psychopaths to to their work. Or it creates new psychopaths who clad themselves in a nice “we are all one”-ideology but who think that evil is supposed to exist in a yin-yang-circle and who think that killing people is a moral act of liberating the souls from their pesky material prisons.

It is easy to discredit the whole Bilderberg topic just by pointing at those who mix facts with their gnostic belief system.

Then we have the racists who frame the Bilderberg discussion by saying it is either a council of jewish power or a distraction from the topic of jewish world dominance. Some people who explain history and current events and the nature of evil through the race googles are simply limited in their view. Others have become cult members. They have adopted an old and thoroughly debunked pseudoscience and they have adopted German gnosticism from the last century. You read certain blogs and websites and you will find literal worship of Hitler, the Nazi-Mysteries that promise the follower to aquire magic powers and ultimately become gods. Of course, the jews have to be killed as part of that crazy ideology. Here is an interesting but little known historical fact: Hitler wanted to kill off Christians as well who would not change their religion into the state envisioned nazified caricature version complete with an aryan Jesus. He just didn’t do that before or during the war because he didn’t have the capacity at the time for yet another huge societal cleansing project. He simply put that off for later.

To anybody who has delved into conspiracy literature and is convinced or unsure of whether or not the jews, and only the jews are the embodiment of evil: Can you or can you not pinpoint exactly where on the DNA of jewish human beings the evil is located, as opposed to non-jewish DNA? If you or the people you follow cannot pinpoint this in a scientific manner, your ideology is useless, dangerous and misleading.

Do not accept made-up substitute pseudo-proof á la “that’s just the way it is because der Führer said so and if you doubt it, you are aiding the enemy and might even be a jewish intellectual.”

Many try to use a flawed empirical line of reasoning: They will rattle off name after name of powerful criminal individuals who are — supposedly — jewish to make their point. The problem with this is that it is a) complex to define what makes a jew and b) all those crimes attributed to jews have existed in all civilizations, all skin colors and religions, even thousands of years back when there were no jews at all. In Israel bureaucrats decide who can legally be defined as jewish. Many religious immigrants to the homeland were shocked to find that they were not eligible for the legal status of a jew because their mothers were not jewish. Historians and doctors clash with each other over what the defining genetic traits are. In every culture we have a documented history of ethnic cleansing, tyranny and central banking schemes. Racial theories are a useless and misleading way to understand the nature of evil and improve the world.

Racists are mainly cult members who want to become like Bilderberg. When the US eugenicists visited the national socialists in Germany in the 1930s, they reported back how shocked they were over these “lower middle class” people that came to power and who claimed to be the master race.

The Bilderbergers are not in the position they’re in because they played fairly on the capitalist field, or because they get help from planet zonk. The russian and chinese oligarchies are not one bit more moral and they will not help you to achieve liberty. If you want to truly improve your life and the world, don’t join the next cult masquerading as an alternative. Combine the fields of psychology, sociology and history among others and learn how to defeat evil for good.



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