Spying scandal haunts UK PM Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has personally intervened in a desperate attempt to bring further revelations about Britain-U.S. spying scandal to a halt, it has emerged.

David Cameron ordered his top civil servant Sir Jeremy Heywood to collect sensitive material, submitted to the Guardian by U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to be published.

Multiple sources said Heywood had been tasked by the Prime Minister to tighten his grip on the Guardian to either Å“hand over the documents or destroy them if it did not want to face legal action”.

“The prime minister asked [Heywood] to deal with this matter, that’s true,” according to one source.

The development marked an intensification of the political row the UK government is grappling with after it aggressively intervened into the newspaperâ„¢s national security reporting.

It also came as anti-terrorism law experts reiterated that using Å“Terrorism Act 2000” to arrest Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner revealed the fact that the government had abused the statute.

News that Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood had contacted the Guardian dragged Cameron into a storm over Britain’s response to media coverage of secrets leaked by Snowden.

Germany’s human rights chief slammed the British crackdown on the Guardian newspaper over its publication of U.S. spying programs.

Markus Loening expressed grave concern about media freedom in Britain after the British daily was forced to destroy files linked to U.S. espionage activities worldwide.

The German official also condemned the detention and questioning of David Miranda at Londonâ„¢s Heathrow Airport.

Critics accused the UK government of using scaremongering tactics to suppress further revelations which could be damaging to London and Washington.


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Republished from: Press TV