Snowden may help Germany probe NSA

American whistleblower Edward J. Snowden has said he will help Germany investigate US National Security Agency spying if Berlin grants him political asylum.

In a letter to the publication German Stern, the former NSA contractor wrote: Å“I have a great respect for Germany.”

He doubted the ability of US Congress to implement any reforms, following a report by an expert panel tasked with reviewing NSA global surveillance activities released by the White House earlier this week. The Secret Service Committee, Snowden wrote, is praising the intelligence services rather than keeping them in check.

Snowden currently lives in Russia, where he was granted a one-year asylum in August. He first disclosed details of NSA spying programs in June. The whistleblower is now facing espionage charges in the United States.

Last week Snowden sent a similar open letter to Brazil, offering his help with Å“investigations into suspected crimes against Brazilian citizens.” But he noted that the US government will continue to limit his Å“ability to speak out until a country grants me permanent political asylum.”

On Sunday, Snowden reiterated the message in an email exchange with the Brazilian Globo TV channel, saying that he would like to move to Brazil if he was permitted by its government. He also called Brazil “one of the most interesting and vibrant democracies in the world.”

The Brazilian foreign ministry said that it can only consider such a request for asylum once it receives an official application.

Snowdenâ„¢s leaks showed that the US had spied on state leaders, including Brazilian and German leaders, causing diplomatic scandals.


Source: Press TV