Snowden case legal, not political: His lawyer

The US authorities’ reluctance to view Edward Snowden’s case impartially is makes it impossible for the former NSA contractor to return home, his lawyer says.

Snowden’s Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena made the remarks on Tuesday in response to comments by US. Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco over a petition signed by more than 167,000 to request for his pardon over revealing the existence of a massive spying program.

Kucherena censured Monaco’s “spicy wordings”, saying, “The remarks by a U.S. presidential administration official show that this country still considers the Snowden case not from a legal but from a political standpoint. Edward is being referred to as a criminal, although there is a certain procedure for holding someone criminally liable.”

“All statements related to Edward that have been made lately by the American authorities show that they are unwilling to conduct a fair, just, and impartial investigation in the future.”

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