Scottish Independence: Prime Minister David Cameron Claims Scots Do Not Want To Live And Work In ‘Foreign Country’

PM says Scots in England tell him they do not want to be expats from an independent Scotland

Prime Minister David Cameron claimed yesterday that Scottish people did not want to live or work in a “foreign country” after independence.

On the second day of a visit north of the border, Mr Cameron said: “People in Scotland say to me ‘I’ve got children working or studying in London,’ and people in London say to me: ‘I’ve got children working or studying in Scotland.’

“Do we really want to have a situation where they are working or studying in a foreign country?”

Earlier, the PM pledged to deliver more powers to Holyrood if there is a No vote on September 18.

It would be “desirable” to legislate in the first year of the first Westminster Parliament, he told the BBC.

“I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t happen very early in the Parliament,” he said.

But Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond dismissed Mr Cameron’s pledge to further expand devolution in a post-referendum Scotland.

He said: “Nobody will believe Tory promises of more powers for Scotland, because the last time that happened the only thing Scotland got was Thatcherism and 18 years of Tory governments we didn’t vote for.”

Via Morning Star