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School Upholds Suspension of Student Who Shaped Pop-Tart Gun

Zoe Read
Capital Gazette
June 12, 2013

ANNAPOLIS – Anne Arundel County Public Schools have denied a request to remove a suspension from the record of Josh Welch, a Park Elementary School student suspended in March for biting his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun.

Josh’s lawyer Rob Ficker said Tuesday he was disappointed with the decision made by county schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Maxwell. He now has 30 days to file an appeal to the county Board of Education.

Josh was suspended from his school in Brooklyn Park after an incident that made national headlines about gun-shaped Pop-Tarts. But Ficker said Maxwell has added behavioral problems to the reasons for refusing to remove the suspension from Josh’s school record.

“The only reason they suspended him was because of the pastry,” he said. “Everyone knew he was playing. I am really disappointed in the superintendent’s decision.”

Bob Mosier, a county schools spokesman, called the incident a confidential student matter and declined to comment.

  • Bill

    The Vast Majority of Americans are absolutely brain dead morons.
    No common sense and logic what so ever.
    The only word that applies is STUPID!
    And everyone with two brain cells still functioning knows, you can’t fix stupid.
    It is way past time to remove stupid from any position of power.

  • jon reid

    now he will have to bite a pop tart in the shape of a brain and donate it to the brainless school leaders.

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