Rachel Maddow Attacks Republicans, Infowars… Again

June 16, 2013

Once again, Ms. Rachel Maddow was disappointed with Congress when, much to her chagrin, they voted to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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On her Friday episode, she took a particularly nasty swipe at Republicans, Infowars.com and World Net Daily in an effort to frame the argument, for her target liberal audience, that a recent Gallup Poll putting Congress’s approval rating at its lowest ever was due to their failure to enact comprehensive gun control legislation following the massacre at Sandy Hook.

“This idea that the U.S. Government is stockpiling ammunition to kill us all was birthed in the usual conspiracy clearinghouses,” Maddow stated, flashing headlines from Infowars.com and WND.

She proceeded to touch on one of her previous fabricated lies about Alex Jones, in addition to inventing completely new ones. “The same people that brought you the Boston Marathon bombing was faked, or maybe it was an inside job and Michelle Obama did it. The same people that said the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma, was a government-made weather weapon which president Obama used to shoot tornadoes at Oklahoma on purpose.”

“Those are the same folks who have been predicting an American government arms race against the American people. I mean, why else would American law enforcement want bullets except to enslave us all?” she said.

Using the parents and 20 murdered children of Newtown as fodder in a sick attempt to lay a sadistic, liberal guilt trip on Republicans for voting to uphold citizens’ rights — as if they were personally responsible for Adam Lanza’s murderous rampage — she viciously tore into Congress saying they’re good to “feed the apocalyptic, paranoid, ‘from my cold dead hands,’ war-against-the-government, conspiratorial gun nut base that they thrive on. They can feed that. That’s what they can get done.”

Despite numerous media outlets and military personnel voicing concern at the DHS’s absurd ammunition acquisitions, including Forbes Magazine calling for a national discussion on the topic — and even a period last week where Maddow herself became a “conspiracy theorist,” questioning the shooting of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s acquaintance Ibragim Todashev — her latest effort to demonize Constitutionalists is more than typical sore-loser behavior, as it sheds light on one of the flagship goals of the establishment as a whole: to nurture and foster an uneducated public and perpetuate a society of unquestioning sheep, in which dissent is frowned upon and dissenters ridiculed, and wherein mainstream media accounts of current events are held up as complete and utter truth, above scrutiny no matter how whitewashed.



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