Pregnant Clinton staffer killed in Kenya

Former US president Bill Clinton choked up as he paid tribute to Elif Yavuz on September 24.

A 33-year-old pregnant staff member of the Clinton Global Initiative and her fiancé were among those killed in Saturday™s shooting rampage at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Elif Yavuz, a senior vaccines researcher from the Netherlands and based in Tanzania, was 8.5 months pregnant and expecting a baby with Ross Langdon, an award-winning architect, who was also killed in the shootings.

The Clinton family said it was stunned when they found out Yavuz and her fiancé were among the victims of the rampage.

At the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Manhattan on Tuesday, former US president Bill Clinton fought back tears Tuesday as he paid tribute to the staffer of his foundation.

Clinton also expressed grief over the deaths in an interview with CBS on Tuesday.

“I saw her just a couple weeks ago when I was there,” he said. “She was nine months pregnant, just a couple of weeks away from delivery. So she and her baby™s father were walking in that mall in Nairobi, because she wanted to have the baby in Kenya. She thought that would be best. And they were both killed.”

Three of the gunmen behind the deadly attack were reportedly from the United States, sources within the group that orchestrated the attack told CNN on Sunday.

Meanwhile, US forces in Africa are reportedly drafting target lists for possible strikes against militant groups in Kenya and elsewhere in the continent.

Al-Shabab, a Somalia-based militant group with ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the attack.

US military and intelligence officials are still having significant difficulty gaining any insight into al-Shabab, officials said.


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