Poll Reveals Majority Of Wash. State Voters Approve GMO Labeling Initiative

As people across the country eagerly await the results of Washington state’s GMO labeling initiative, several polls reveal the majority of the state’s voters plan to support I-522.

Close to 4,000 residents participated in an

In addition, an Elway Poll published by the Seattle Times last September found that 66 percent of voters from every demographic surveyed supported I-522. Interestingly, the strongest support came from voters with incomes over $100,000 at 54 percent.

National polls have shown time and time again that the vast majority of the American public approves of GMO labeling, with some polls showing ratings as high as 93 percent. Although Monsanto and their allies defeated California’s Proposition 37, the backlash against such groups has continued to become increasingly evident.

Following the discovery of unapproved genetically modified wheat found in an Oregon field earlier this year, Japan and South Korea temporarily cancelled major wheat orders from the US, causing wheat to fall by 8.25 cents per bushel on the Chicago Board Trade. Wheat growers in Kansas and Washington state immediately filed suit against Monsanto for damaging the wheat trade, although Monsanto denied any wrongdoing.

The March Against Monsanto, which saw over 2 million participants world-wide, pushed the issue further to the forefront, becoming a major contributor to Monsanto’s plummeting stock value. Other major factors such as alternative media and citizen activists helped bring down the second Monsanto Protection Act, an issue almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. The GMO debate has become so large that major news networks such as Fox News have now been forced to cover the topic to simply remain relevant.

Although the opposition group has slowly gained support, even in light of 34 donors illegally laundering millions in donation cash to protect their public images, the initiative has never fallen behind in the polls.

The results of I-522 will be announced Tuesday evening.

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