Police probing hate crime against black Harvard Law professors

Police in the US State of Massachusetts have launched an investigation into an apparent hate crime involving defaced portraits of black Harvard Law School professors.

The students and faculty members who walked into Harvard’s Wasserstein Hall on Thursday morning found that Black slashes of tape were placed over the faces of portraits of black professors hung on walls inside the building.

Wasserstein Hall houses two hallways with more than 180 portraits of law professors, six of which had tape over the black faculty members’ faces.

A police investigation into the incident was “active and ongoing,” according to Harvard University Police Department spokesman Steven G. Catalano. Police were yet to make any arrests.

The incident prompted outrage among hundreds of law school students and faculty members, prompting a meeting at noon on Thursday to discuss the incident.

During the meeting, students took turns to speak, some describing the law school as a racist and unwelcoming environment.

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