Obama Proposes Executive Orders For Backdoor Gun Confiscation


The Obama Administration announced two new executive orders on gun control Friday, after countless other attempts to erode Second Amendment rights failed to gain public support.

According to one of the proposed actions, patient privacy laws would be pushed aside to allow increased government access to mental health records. Currently required to protect that information, states would now be exempt, instead encouraged to submit a patients private records into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

A second proposal from the Department of Justice would “clarify” who is barred from owning firearms, which would include anyone involuntarily committed to an inpatient or outpatient mental institution. In an attempt to diminish concern, the administration claims that seeking help for mental issues does not prohibit a person from firearm ownership.

“The proposed rule will not change the fact that seeking help for mental health problems or getting treatment does not make someone legally prohibited from having a firearm,” the statement said.

Unfortunately, even without the executive orders currently applied, the government has already deceptively used this exact tactic to revoke legitimate gun ownership without due process, an issue that will undoubtedly increase.

In 2012, Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Brandon Raub had his firearms confiscated after being involuntarily detained for psychiatric questioning due to Facebook comments on government corruption. According to Raub’s lawyer John Whitehead, as many as 20 others had recently been detained and declared mentally defective in the same Virginia county as well, despite no crime initially being committed.

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  • h5mind

    Stories about our gun-grabbing leaders typically neglect to mention the hundreds of millions of firearms ALREADY in circulation- how do they go about taking those away? It’s one thing in paranoid, Democratic havens like NYC or DC, but what about Texas or Montana? The short answer is, “trade them for something they want more”. If there’s a sustained food crisis in America- due to currency crash, natural (or man-made) disasters, etc., good citizens will quickly line up to swap “guns for butter”. Unfortunately, most preppers will end up in the same food line after heavily armed authorities expropriate their stash in the “interests of national security”. If you ever bought survival gear or food storage online or with a credit card, they already know where to find you and your MRE’s. Millions of Latter Day Saints, aka ‘Mormons’, are also certain to receive a visit from the Men in Black, with a “calling” to help their neighbors by turning over their ample stores of salt, sugar, powdered milk, and wheat.

    As for the rest- the outlaws, rebels, and “rugged individualists”. I imagine they will be the reason DHS bought all those bullets, aren’t they?