Obama, Cameron hold Syria war summit in Washington


Alex Lantier and Chris Marsden

14 May 2013

US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron met yesterday in Washington to step up their campaign for war in Syria and discuss interventions elsewhere in the Middle East.

They pledged to increase the flow of weapons to Islamist militias fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, while promoting plans for talks on Syria with Russia, until now Assad’s main international backer, to be held in Geneva.

At a press conference after their meeting, Obama announced, “Together, we’re going to continue our efforts to increase pressure on the Assad regime, to provide humanitarian aid to the long-suffering Syrian people, to strengthen the moderate opposition, and to prepare for a democratic Syria without Bashar Assad.”

Washington and London are promoting their bloody proxy war in Syria with lies. Far from providing “humanitarian aid” and backing a “moderate” opposition, they are arming far-right Islamist militias with the help of Middle Eastern allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, whose efforts are overseen by the CIA. Proposals aired in recent weeks include imposing a so-called “no-fly zone” to destroy Syria’s air force and air defenses, and using US forces in neighboring Jordan to directly invade Syria.

Cameron’s pledges of tens of millions of pounds to the Syrian “rebels” made the military character of this aid clear. He said, “Britain is pushing for more flexibility in the EU arms embargo, and we will double non-lethal support to the Syrian opposition in the coming years. Armored vehicles, body armor, and power generators are about to be shipped.”

The meeting between Obama and Cameron comes amid a flurry of international negotiations to prepare a possible US-led war against Syria. On Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet with Obama in the White House, with Syria at the top of their agenda. Erdogan has repeatedly pressed for war with Syria based on groundless claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to arrive in Moscow today for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria. Unnamed senior Israeli officials told the press that Netanyahu intends to ask Russia to

This article originally appeared on : World Socialist Web Site