NY Occupy activists to mark anniversary

Occupy Wall Street protesters during a march in New York on Oct. 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street activists in New York City are to gather in lower Manhattan on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of their movement against social and economic inequality in the US.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement began on September 17, 2011, when protesters began camping in Zuccotti Park near the New York Stock Exchange.

The movement successfully turned the attention of US politicians and people around the world to corporate greed and corruption in the US and the influence of large corporations on the US government which disproportionately benefits a minority and undermines the majority of the American society.

The Occupy movement soon turned into a national movement across the United States and federal agents began to spy on the protesters.

FBI documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests showed that the US government considered the peaceful movement to be a terrorist threat.

In the internal documents, the bureau referred to the Occupy movement protests as a œcriminal activity” and œdomestic terrorism.”

Other documents released earlier this year also showed that the US Department of Homeland Security produced daily briefings on œpeaceful activist demonstrations” at the height of the Occupy movement protests.

In November, 2011, police in New York cleared the Occupy Wall Street camp from Zuccotti Park and evicted the peaceful protesters.

Occupy protesters are expected to mark the second anniversary of their movement Tuesday by convening in lower Manhattan in the morning for a day of marches and rallies.


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