NSA-Israel ‘conspiracy’ harms Americans

A conspiracy between the US National Security Agency and Israel will œabsolutely harm the interests of Americans,” says Stephen Lendman, an American writer and radio host.

A copy of a top secret agreement, signed in 2009 and provided by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, shows that the NSA œroutinely” passes to its Israeli counterpart, the Israeli Signals-intelligence National Unit (ISNU), the vast digital data it gathers under secret court authority from US Internet providers.

œ[The] NSA, here I say, conspires with Israel against the interests of Americans,” said Lendman in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

œThe NSA is literally working with Israel, supplying confidential private information, I mean personal information, nothing to do with national security, nothing to do with finding terrorists, nothing to do with anything that can harm the interests of America or Israel, simply taking private personal information about ordinary Americans, millions of them, raw data, raw intelligence, and giving this information to Israel and then apparently saying that Israel should use this with some sort of discretion and not do anything that would violate international laws or norms,” Lendman pointed out.

œBut Israel is a repeated law violator, is a serial law violator. Whatever Israel gets its hands on, it will do whatever it wishes to do with it” he added. œIt will use this information in any way it can to absolutely harm the interests of Americans.”

Snowden™s previous leaks also revealed that the Israeli intelligence has been aggressively seeking to spy on the US government.

Former intelligence officials say the unfiltered information could have been used by Israeli intelligence agencies to carry out assassinations including the killings and bombings of some Iranian scientists in past years.

œOne of the biggest concerns in all intelligence sharing relationships is that the partner would use the data to take action that would result in killing somebody,” a former senior NSA official told the Los Angeles Times on condition of anonymity.


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