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Create your free RINF account:

Create your free RINF account:

- New RINF digimag

- Daily news updates to your inbox

- Exclusive members only forum

Digimag features lost interview with Brian Haw, examines political corruption, health myths exposed & more. 

Please check your email to confirm your account!

  • Mark

    Looking forward to this.

    Will I be emailed each time RINF is updated?

  • Phil

    Thanks for the newsletter and the comments options, I'm a regular reader and this will make the site even better. Keep up the good work!

  • Mick Meaney

    Thanks guys.

    Mark, no you will not be emailed each time the site is updated.. I don't want to flood your inboxes. You will be sent 1 email per every 20 headlines.


    Good idea! Thanks!

  • Dave Buckley

    Great site

  • http://us.geocities.com/beauch79 cindi

    So good to see your return to my inbox, Mick!!

  • http://dailyscare.com/ John George

    We have nothing to fear but fear itself!

  • michael quilligan

    Good to have you back, Mick

    your work is appreciated,

    Beir bua,


  • Mick Meaney

    Really glad you guys are into this, the amount of people joining the mailing list is a lot more than I expected.

    I'm also planning to bring back the news feeder which displays (and links to) the latest headlines from sites I like. It was popular about a year ago, so any suggestions are welcome.

  • insider

    Makes me wish I had a webcam.

    On second thought, it's better for you lot that I don't.

  • cush

    As usual Mick, excellent access and content.

  • Readfer

    This is really cool… What's more important Great job!

  • Joe Soter

    A few of us have started archiving the newsletter here http://rinfnewsletter.wordpress.com I hope RINF doesn't mind.

  • Darkangel88

    This comment relates to the new newsletter called "9/11 and Iraq-The Concealed Connection!" I agree that the blogger is well informed and has made a very convincing argument about a connection between 9/11 and Iraq, but I will have to disagree with their main assumption. Their assumption that "Iraq was in no way responsible for what happened on 9/11, but 9/11 was in every way responsible for what happened in Iraq" is a contradiction in itself. Stating that the war in Iraq is not responsible for 9/11 contradicts the next phrase in the same sentence stating that 9/11 is completely responsible for the Iraq War. The blogger basically states that there is no link between the two and then goes back on what they just said. With this dilemma I believe there is no link. The blogger presents a good argument but I think needs to distinguish their assumption a little better.

  • carl

    I think that as 'we' were in IRAQ a few years after the 9/11, is it not impossible to assume that the same thing will happen in a few years time (maybe sooner) with regards to IRAN ? With the almost daily reports of something being said to come out of IRAN – 'fanning the flames of retaliation', have we been blinkered into assuming that IRAN are wholly BAD, and the ALIIES are nothing but good, therefore 'attacking' – regime change, is our only 'option' ? How long will it be before 'bomb attack' on british soil, is 'engineered' by IRAN ? And then our only option will be attack IRAN, with our friends across the water pulling the strings ? I hope this will not happen, but as we do not learn from histry, we are destined to repeat our mistakes, wether we wake up and smell the coffe, or not.

  • http://CARPCWGSY.NET Paul Clark


    I live on the lovely island of guernsey,that is the island sistered with Jersey, and on the Liberation day all the local people will be getting drunk and eating-more ,and enjoying the festivities.

    all well and good..BUT…………….

    The swear word on the island is COLLABARATION,the islanders are cowards and have a yellow streek running down there spine.the women had many children after the islands were re-claimed.the falklands islanders showed more sprit and resolve then guernsey people.All the large family/business on the island have a dodgy begining-finace industry is the no 1 employer….enough said.HURTS LIKE HELL THAT UK WAS GETTING THE ….OUT OF IT AND THE GUERNS WERE DOING DEALS FOR A EASY LIFE..


  • http://CARPCWGSY.NET Paul Clark



    Why cant we use torture methods to extract intel/information that would result in long term saving of lives.If i or any of my mob had been captured then i have no wish to describe the treatment that would be handed out.I understand human rights and the relevant issues BUT if you come into the the u.k. hell bent on causing harm to her or her people then a clear and present threat has to be available to strike back..I would for one welcome extra force to deal with ……Paul

  • http://CARPCWGSY.NET Paul Clark

    would be most gratfull for any feed back/response/comments

    Paul c.

  • http://CARPCWGSY.NET Paul Clark

    please watch END GAME,]


  • http://www.usanewsvideo.com Phil Sebree

    I would like to get personalized news for my website

  • Mick Meaney

    OK Phil, I'm actually working on something new but we have a few options.. you can have a news ticker like the one at the top of this page or you can have a basic list of the latest headlines.

    If there's a section of RINF news you want to display (for example just UK news) we can also do that. Drop me a line through the forum, just search for Mick.

  • The Truth Be Told

    Born agains are freaks plain and simple.

    They have been brainwashed to the point they will lie, cheat, and sneak to get what they want in business, with friends and family, and slaughter you with THEIR view of the Bible. They prey on the under educated (Africa is a favorite target), jail birds (meetings with those in jail), naive teens in their development stages of making informed judgments, and anyone else who is an easy target. They are as dangerous to a society as Hitler's Gestapo was in Europe.

    When you run into one, don't be nice since that is one of their sneaky tactics and run as far way from them as you can. If you are in a store or in line to purchase something, drop it and tell the manager on your way out you don't want to shop there because of Born Again freaks solicitation on their premise.

    The born again club/society has gone far enough. Since they are brainwashed to the danger point, it is hard to stop them. Any engagement with them is usually fruitless because they are so clever and manipulative. You can not trust them in any way, form shape, or matter. Period.

  • http://www.myspace.co/arsenalhorn Dominic Iarussi

    I would like to know more about myspace's policy regarding duplication or reproduction without giving royalties or credit to the artist.

  • Margie

    What does "RINF" stand for? Please advise. Thanks

  • Occaxysam

    Hi everyone, I am brand-new to this site, I have just subscribed and the website looks marvelous. I am quite tech savy so I will be more then happy to help if a person has any tech-related questions. In any case, I am a first time guest who expects to become a regular visitor :-)



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