MP Tells Ministers To Go And Meet Victims Of ‘Callous’ Bed Tax

A Welsh Labour MP backing bedroom tax appeals told Con-Dem ministers yesterday to get out of Westminster and meet the people suffering under their “idiotic” policy.

Huw Irranca-Davies said ministers would get a “rude awakening” if they opened their eyes to the impact of their ideology.

“Tory and Lib Dem ministers ought to get out of their offices and ministerial cars, leave their special advisers behind and meet with real people who can tell them what it’s like to live with this callous and cruel policy,” he said.

The Ogmore MP made his comments after meeting Bettws estate tenants on Friday whose lives have been blighted by the hated tax.

He met Sarah Davies, who was stripped of housing benefit in August despite her son Ben having cerebral palsy.

Con-Dem rules require Ms Davies to downsize from her three-bedroom home and make Ben share a room with his brother or pay the bedroom tax.

Ms Davies explained how Ben would be stripped of dignity without his own room and lose good friends if they were forced out of the community.

“It would be heart-breaking if we had to move, given all the friends that the family has made over the years,” she said.

Mr Irranca-Davies added: “The people I met today are good people, trying to hold together their families and communities and their sanity in the face of idiotic policies like the bedroom tax.

“Labour will repeal this mean and nasty little policy if elected, but meanwhile we will work with and encourage social housing landlords and local authorities to liaise with campaigners to mitigate the impact on residents.”

The MP is among several local politicians working with the Cardiff and South Wales Against the Bedroom Tax campaign to help tenants appeal.

Organiser Jamie Insole said he expected to submit up to 400 appeals in the coming months.

Via Morning Star