Mother Jones Declares IRS Political Targeting Scandal Dead

Kurt Nimmo
June 26, 2013

Photo: TravelingOtter

Mother Jones, the progressive magazine published by the Foundation for National Progress, a Soros funded nonprofit, hopes the discovery that not just Tea Party groups were targeted by the IRS will defuse the scandal.

“Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee have obtained a list of group names IRS staffers used when applying extra scrutiny to applications for nonprofit status,” writes Andy Kroll for the magazine. His article is titled Poof! The IRS Scandal Evaporates.

The list of words include “Medical Marijuana,” “Occupied Territory Advocacy,” “Healthcare legislation,” “Paying National Debt,” and “Green Energy Organizations.” Kroll argues that the words signify that the IRS wasn’t simply targeting Tea Party groups, but “were on the watch for groups of all political stripes,” including ostensibly liberal or so-called progressive groups.

In order to equalize the investigation and downplay the Tea Party targeting, an IRS spokeswoman said that J. Russell George, the Treasury Department inspector general, is reviewing to what extent the IRS harassed other groups.

“So is it case closed on the IRS debacle?” muses Kroll. “Not yet. The agency still needs to explain why its staffers singled out groups in this way, and how it further intends to streamline the vetting process. But is this a liberal political conspiracy? Sure doesn’t look like it.”

Kroll and Mother Jones are unable to see over the false left-right political divide. Obama, the IRS, and the totality of the federal government are controlled by a shadow government not beholden to or governed by liberal or conservative politics, as Mother Jones would have us believe. This should be painfully obvious, even to the most obtuse and brainwashed Democrat, by the fact that the political agenda under Obama has deviated little from his Republican predecessor. Obama’s social rhetoric is liberal and Democrat, but his political actions, most notably the subversion of the Constitution, are right out the authoritarian elite’s playbook.

Is it surprising that the IRS — long used as a political tool in addition to an agency of grand thievery — also targeted the Occupy movement or groups dedicated to promoting medical marijuana? Not at all. Naturally, and predictably, groups that do not follow the establishment script will be targeted for elimination.

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