Min. warns of drugs misuse in N Ireland

Northern Ireland Health Minister Edwin Poots has warned about the consequences of drugs misuse after the recent deaths of eight people in the region.

Å“[The] recent deaths of eight people in Northern Ireland are tragic … but I must make it clear that this is by no means an isolated incident,” Poots said.

Two of the deaths have been linked to a deadly group of fake ecstasy tablets, known as Å“Green Rolexes”.

These forged types of ecstasy pill, which are marked with a crown, have also been linked to seven deaths involving young people in Scotland during the recent months.

The other six unexpected deaths being examined by police officials in Northern Ireland possibly involved other drugs.

Poots added that the 110 people who died last year from misuse of drugs come to about nine deaths per month, which is Å“far too many and totally unacceptable”.


Republished with permission from: Press TV