Merkel pledges to keep eurozone policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to maintain the same German policy on the eurozone in the next four-year parliamentary term.

Merkel™s remarks came on Monday during a press conference in Berlin, a day after federal elections were held, in which her Christian Democrats (CDU) gained about 42 percent of the vote.

“We will continue our European politics, this is the most important message to the people. European politics is part of our core brand and we will continue that in spirit,” said Merkel, adding, “The course in European policy will not change.”

When asked about the success of the newly-formed anti-euro Alternative for Germany party, which managed to gather 4.7 percent of the vote, Merkel said, she would œanalyze the reasons” why it managed to gain such a support.

“But this won’t influence the CDU’s policy on Europe,” Merkel added.

Meanwhile, Merkel has begun negotiating with other parties to find a new coalition partner after her previous ally the Free Democrats lost all their seats in Parliament.

The most likely outcome is a œgrand coalition” with her center-left rival the Social Democrats (SPD), which Merkel has been in contact since elections were held.

However, Social Democrats Chairman Sigmar Gabriel said, “The Social Democrats aren’t queuing up or making applications to be the successor after Merkel ruined her previous coalition partner,” and added, there is “nothing automatic” about joining a grand coalition.

Experts say the SPD is not keen on joining a Merkel-led government since the last time they themselves were an ally was during her first 2005-2009 term, when the CDU seemed to take all credit for the government™s achievements. This punished the SPD who saw its support plummet to record-low results in the following election.

Another possible alliance for Merkel would be to ask the Greens to join in a coalition but experts say that would be “certainly very hard” as the party is not a natural Merkel ally.

“We are not a party that, because Merkel is missing a few votes, will clean up after a lost coalition partner,” said the Greens chairwoman Claudia Roth.


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