McCain: Snowden gives US info to Russia

Republican Senator John McCain believes that American whistleblower Edward Snowden has given US documents to Russian authorities.

�œIf you believe that Mr. Snowden didn’t give the Russians information that he has, then you believe that pigs can fly,” McCain said in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel released on Sunday.

�œPresident Vladimir Putin will grant him asylum indefinitely. The Russians know if they send him back that that’s a lesson to other people who might defect. I’m sure that Mr. Snowden has told them everything that he possibly knows,” he added.

Moscow granted temporary asylum to Snowden after he revealed Washington�™s spying programs. One of his documents disclosed the White House was monitoring the phone conversations of 35 world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

When asked about the US National Security Agency�™s tapping of Merkel�™s cell phone, McCain said �œfriends spy on friends.”

�œWe all know that, but there have been certain boundaries. Those boundaries were probably, to some degree, there because we didn’t have the capabilities we have now. But when you go to the point where you invade someone’s privacy, the leader of certainly Europe, if not one of the most foremost leaders in the world, Angela Merkel, then it was a mistake,” he said.

The US senator also said NSA director Keith Alexander should resign over the spying scandal.

�œOf course he should resign, or be fired,” McCain said, adding that it was conceivable that US President Barack Obama did not know the spying, �œbut the fact remains that he should have known it. Responsibility always stops at the president’s desk.”

The former presidential candidate also called on Obama to offer an apology to Merkel over the issue.

�œKnowing how angry Angela Merkel was, he should have apologized,” McCain said.


Source: Press TV