Malkin: ACA Has Deputized Gun-Grabbing Doctors to Pursue ‘Nanny State’ Agenda

As expected, as soon as the Obama administration released their list of executive orders to help curb gun violence, the right wing went into full blown hissy fit mode. It seems Michelle Malkin took a page straight out of Limbaugh and Drudge’s book on Fox this Thursday afternoon during this interview with Megyn Kelly.

Drudge And Limbaugh Misrepresent What Obama And The Affordable Care Act Say About Doctors And Guns:

As soon as President Obama’s new recommendations for gun violence prevention became public, right-wing media immediately claimed the president was issuing an executive action requiring doctors to ask patients about their guns. This is false. The president’s released proposals only clarify that nothing in the Affordable Care Act changes longstanding law: doctors are still free (but not required) to discuss with their patients any health hazards, including a lack of gun safety at home or elsewhere.

Among the White House proposals for gun violence reduction, the president announced that the administration will “[c]larify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.” Nowhere in his proposal did he instead require doctors to ask about guns. The Drudge Report, however, immediately splashed across its website this graphic:

drudge ACA gun.jpg

Rush Limbaugh picked up on this flatly inaccurate claim that the president required doctors to ask their patients about “gun ownership.” Rather than explain the president’s executive action only indicated future orders, regulations, or guidance will clarify that no law – including the ACA – prohibits them from discussing gun safety with their patients, Limbaugh reported it as a new directive that “deputizes gun-snitch doctors“: […]

Limbaugh concedes that the executive action doesn’t literally say that doctors are required to ask about gun safety, but rather, in his interpretation, “the executive action today is almost essentially requiring it.” The president’s proposal was likely a direct response to these types of wildly erroneous interpretations of the health care reform law and executive orders that were already floating around the right-wing blogosphere, before Limbaugh added his analysis.

Go read the rest for more on how the right is lying about the language in the law. Malkin did the exact same thing during the interview above with Megyn Kelly and in a post at her blog the previous day. (Warning, link goes to Malkin’s site.)

The anti-gun doctors’ lobby has a friend in Obama:

Anyone with kids knows that the invasive, anti-gun doctors’ lobby has been around a long time.

Flashback October 2007: Is your pediatrician using your kid to spy on you?

Flashback July 2008: More nosy doctors who don’t like guns

The liberal leadership of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have long been filled with notorious gun-grabbers – and they’ve promoted years of junk science to pursue their Nanny State agenda.

Now comes President Obama, who has deputized doctors to “help” snoop on law-abiding, gun-owning patients even further. Moreover, the White House has now lent federal support to doctors’ groups trying to fight state efforts to protect gun owners’ privacy: […]

Political malpractice plus medical malpractice in the name of saving the children is a recipe for authoritarianism. The Hippocratic Oath has been turned on its head.

Malkin seems to have a little trouble understanding the difference between “does not prohibit” and mandates. Who knew we had all of those evil liberal doctors out there who are more worried about taking away everyone’s guns than doing their job and providing health care to their patients. Be afraid… be very afraid!