MSM Claims LAX Shooter Influenced by New World Order (NWO) Conspiracy Theory

Editor’s note: Watch as the cowardly mainstream media now desperately attempt to discredit this “theory” and label anyone who understands the full implications of the NWO as psychotic… all while they conveniently ignore the facts. 

Apparently Paul Anthony Ciancia, the shooter in the murder of a TSA officer at LAX last week wrote a note that mentions the NWO. The mainstream media is falling over themselves trying to work out what group this is that Mr. Ciancia belonged to. It would be funny but for the shootings themselves… Here’s an example of the MSM coverage from USA Today:

The alleged gunman who killed a TSA agent and wounded three other people at LAX had written a note — and it mentions NWO, a conspiracy theory. So what is NWO?

The alleged shooter is Paul Anthony Ciancia, a 23-year-old has been hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot by LAX police. Authorities are reporting that the note said that Ciancia wanted to shoot a TSA officer, and didn’t care which one. And there’s that abbreviation, NWO, that the media has been dissecting since it was announced.

It’s called the New World Order. Theorists use that term to reference an alleged secret plot to establish a single government for the world. The Southern Poverty Law Center summed up the theory on their blog Hatewatch: that world powers are supposedly working to make a socialistic one-world government that would destroy American freedoms…

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