Lawsuit: Police And Doctors Conduct Illegal Cavity Search, Colonoscopy On Innocent Man

A Southern New Mexico man has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Deming and several Deming Police Officers after a January police stop turned into a complete nightmare.

According to the lawsuit, David Eckert was pulled over by Deming police January 2 after failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign outside a Wal-Mart parking lot. After ordering Eckert out of his vehicle, police began insisting that Eckert was clenching his buttocks, claiming the action was probable cause to suspect illegal drugs were hidden inside his anal cavity.

During an interview with KOB 4 Eyewitness News, Eckert’s attorney, Shannon Kennedy, said law enforcement then successfully obtained a cavity search warrant after contacting a local judge. Police then drove to a local hospital where a doctor refused to carry out the search, telling police the task was “unethical.” Despite the warrant only covering Luna County, Police illegally drove Eckert to Silver City’s Gila Regional Medical Center in Grant County, where he soon underwent what many would consider outright torture.

Medical records released to KOB 4 News revealed in graphic detail just how far police and doctors went, reminiscent of something one would expect to hear from Abu Ghraib prison.

Being held against his will, doctors x-rayed Eckert’s abdominal cavity, only to have the results find absolutely nothing. Incredibly, Deming police were not satisfied.

Doctors were then ordered to examine and penetrate Eckert’s anus with their fingers, searching deep inside Eckert’s body without his permission, only to find nothing. Unbelievably, doctors then proceeded to penetrate Eckert’s anus a second time, again finding absolutely nothing.

Clearly innocent after undergoing procedures usually reserved for maximum security prisoners, Eckert was then forced by doctors and police to receive an enema. Doctors filled Eckert’s anal cavity with large amounts of water, forcing Eckert to defecate as doctors picked through his fecal matter, only to find nothing.

Disgustingly, Eckert was subjected to a second enema, yet again defecating all over the floor as police looked on. Yet again, doctors came up empty handed

The torture continued as police ordered a third enema, again producing absolutely no drugs whatsoever.

Eckert was then thrown back under the x-ray machine, blasted with radiation for a second time, only to have the same result, no drugs detected inside Eckert’s body.

Likely exhausted at this point, Eckert’s ordeal was far from over. Not finding any drugs, doctors then decided to take Eckert to the operating table where he would be sedated against his will and prepared for surgery. Doctors then proceeded to carry out a colonoscopy, shoving a camera deep into Eckert, reaching as far as his large intestines. To no surprise, Eckert was not concealing any drugs inside his body.

Despite the warrant being invalid due to the location change, police went one step further by carrying out the search past the warrant’s 10 p.m. time limit, spending 14 hours with Eckert. According to medical records, Eckert’s colonoscopy did not even begin until 1 a.m.

“If the officers in Hidalgo County and the City of Deming are seeking warrants for anal cavity searches based on how they’re standing and the warrant allows doctors at the Gila Hospital of Horrors to go in and do enemas and colonoscopies without consent, then anyone can be seized and that’s why the public needs to know about this,” Kennedy told KOB 4 News.

Eckert’s lawsuit not only lists the City of Deming but Deming Police Officers Robert Chavez and Bobby Orosco. Others include Officer Hernandez as well as Hidalgo County Deputies Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green and David Arredondo.

“This is like something out of a science fiction film, anal probing by government officials and public employees,” Kennedy said.

Eckert’s situation represents an incredibly dangerous trend among government agencies. Late last year, two Texas women were forced to undergo roadside body cavity searches during a routine traffic stop. According to a lawsuit later filed, the anus and vagina of both women was touched with the same latex gloves, never changed between searches.

In early 2011 while going through a Dallas TSA security checkpoint, Susie Castillo, who became Miss USA in 2003, was singled out for an extensive pat-down by an older female TSA employee, According to Castillo, the TSA employee touched Castillo’s vagina 4 times, an experience she had never once before had at any other airport.

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