JP Morgan Tries Its Hand at Social Media … Gets Absolutely Lambasted By Angry Americans

Twitter Fail

JP Morgan launched a social media campaign with the hashtag “Ask JPM” the other day.

Given JPM’s criminal behavior and manipulation of markets, Twitter users absolutely lambasted JPM, asking such questions as (via Buzzfeed):

  • “Has the raw cunning of the electricity bid-rigging scheme … been unfairly overshadowed by the scale of the mortgage settlement? “
  • “How do you decide who to foreclose on? Darts or a computer program?”
  • “Every time another person loses their home to an illegal foreclosure, does a bell ring? “
  • “If it came out Jamie Dimon had a propensity for eating Irish children, would you fire him? What if he’s still “a good earner”? “
  • “Why do you think its ok to outright lie, cheat and steal?”
  • “Crime: A) Totally pays, just look at us B) Boy I don’t know C) If a market-maker does it that means it’s not illegal”

And (via the New York Times):

  • “What illegal deals did Jamie Dimon and the other big banks make with Obama at the closed-door meeting on Oct 2, 2013?”
  • “After reading the #AskJPM tweets, is it true that your traders have gone short banksters and long guillotines?”
  • “Do you feel bad about systematically undermining democracy? Do you know what fiduciary duty is?”

And (via the Big Picture):

  • “Quick! You’re locked in a room with no key, a chair, two paper clips, and a lightbulb. How do you defraud investors?”
  • “When you collapsed the global economy did it interfere with your vacation in the Hamptoms?”

Actor Stacy Keach reads some other choice tweets on CNBC:

Source: Global Research