Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan

Italian soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force help a wounded comrade.(file photo)

An Italian soldier has been killed, and three others wounded in an attack in Afghanistan.

The incident took place after their armored vehicle was attacked in western Afghanistan, the defence ministry and the military said on Saturday.

According to a statement released by the military chiefs of staff in Rome, the vehicle was returning to the Farah base when it was attacked “by enemy elements.”

There are reports that the vehicle was part of a convoy of the Military Advisor Team of the Transition Support Unit South (TSUS).

On Thursday, the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan confirmed the death of at least seven Georgian soldiers in a car bomb attack in the restive southern province of Helmand. The military alliance said in a statement that the soldiers were killed when Taliban militants blew up an explosive-laden truck outside a Georgian military base in the country’s volatile south.

According to the icasualties website, at least 3,330 foreign soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since the US-led war began in 2001.

The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of thousands of US-led troops.

The increasing number of military casualties in Afghanistan has caused widespread anger in the US and other NATO member states, undermining public support for the Afghan war.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV