‘Israel jails Mossad agent Prisoner X2’

Ayalon Prison situated near Tel-Aviv, Israel (file photo).

Israel has imprisoned a Mossad agent in the same prison where the intelligence agent Ben Zygier known as Prisoner X was jailed and later found hanged, a newspaper report says.

The Israeli daily Ha’aretz published a report on Tuesday revealing that the Mossad agent aka Prisoner X2 was being held at Ayalon prison in Ramle, situated in central Israel.

The report did not disclose why the unnamed man was jailed in the maximum security prison near Tel Aviv.

On February 12, reporter Trevor Bormann revealed on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that the 34-year-old Zygier who had worked for Mossad for ten years was Å“found hanged in a cell with state-of-the-art surveillance systems” near Tel Aviv in December 2010.

Following the revelation, the Tel Aviv regime was forced to admit that Zygier had been jailed under a false identity Å“for security reasons” despite nearly two years of great efforts to cover up the secret.

A report by the New York Times quoting the Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida on February 14, said Zygier was among the 26 suspects in a murder plot in which Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas official, was tracked and killed in his hotel room hours after his arrival in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in January 2010.

The assassins had reportedly used fake passports from Australia, Britain, Ireland, Germany and France, among other countries.

The report added that Prisoner X had provided the officials in Dubai with Å“names and pictures and accurate details” in exchange for protection.

However, the Israeli regime kidnapped him from his hideout and jailed him over treason nearly a month after the operation over the speculation that he had been on the verge of exposing Tel Avivâ„¢s secrets about the passports.


Republished with permission from: Press TV