Iran ‘worried’ over kidnapped diplomat

Iranian Foreign Ministry has once again summoned the Yemeni charge dâ„¢affaires to Tehran to express the Islamic Republic’s serious concern over the fate of an Iranian diplomat recently abducted in the Arab country.

In a Tuesday meeting with the Yemeni diplomat, a senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official voiced Tehranâ„¢s great worries about the continued captivity of Nour Ahmad Nikbakht — the kidnapped administrative staff member of the Iranian Embassy in Sanaâ„¢a.

He also criticized the Yemeni government for its refusal to provide any information on the whereabouts of the abducted Iranian diplomat.

The Iranian official reiterated the Yemeni governmentâ„¢s responsibility to guarantee the safety of foreign diplomats in the host country.

He noted that any procrastination and neglect on the part of the Yemeni government over the case is Å“unacceptable.”

The Yemeni charge dâ„¢affaires expressed regret over the abduction, and said Tehran’s message will be conveyed to Sanaâ„¢a.

Iran is sending a delegation to Yemen to follow up on Nikbakhtâ„¢s case.

The Iranian diplomat was travelling in the diplomatic quarter in southern Sanaâ„¢a on July 21, when armed men blocked the road, forced him to get out of his vehicle and took him to an unknown location.


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Republished from: Press TV