Home Office faces accusations of racism

Britainâ„¢s Home Office is facing accusations of racism over stop-and-search operations targeting immigrants working illegally in the UK.

The Home Office was criticized widely for targeting only non-whites in campaign of spot-checks at stations and on streets to arrest illegal immigrants.

People, who witnessed the spot checks in London, said UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers were only stopping ethnic minorities and non-whites.

Matthew Kelche, a Labour candidate for the local council, said the uniformed officers waiting outside Kensal Green station in west London picked out only non-white people for questioning.

Å“I thought the behaviour of the immigration officers was heavy-handed and frightening,” said Phil Oâ„¢Shea, a local resident.

He also said he was threatened with arrest for obstruction when he questioned the officers what was going on.

The operations, which led to 139 arrests, come days after the Home Office urged illegal immigrants to leave by sending vans around London with Å“go home or face arrest” message.

Britain’s largest union Uniteâ„¢s leader Len McCluskey called the poster-covered vehicles “vans of hate”.


Republished from: Press TV