Gun-Free Chicago: 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded to Start Holiday Weekend

Extrano’s Alley
July 5, 2013

The Chicago Sun Times reports a typical start to a weekend in Chicago, where guns are banned unless you are a Chicago Alderman named Mell. So far the banging weekend has produced at least five shot dead, with 27 wounded.

In the meantime, in the heavily armed State of Arkansas, where people can tote a gun any way that pleases them, this mornings headlines do not mention a single new murder. Motorcycle fatalities down by 45%, a lady got a surprise visit from the stem cell donor who saved her life, a suspect was arrested in a May murder, two more children have drowned in backyard pools, and life goes on in well armed Arkansas.

While the citizens of gun free — except for Aldermen named Mell — Chicago have little to celebrate except death.