Greek neo-Nazi charged in fatal stabbing

Greek police escort Golden Dawn supporter George Roupakias accused of killing a leftist musician to court in Piraeus on September 21, 2013.

A supporter of Greece™s far-right Golden Dawn party has been charged with manslaughter over the killing of a leftist musician, as hundreds protested against fascism in the country.

George Roupakias, a 45-year-old truck driver, was charged on Saturday with voluntary manslaughter and illegal possession of a weapon, as he appeared in court in Piraeus, a port city within the Athens urban area. The court also ordered Roupakias to remain in custody pending trial.

The suspect claimed that he was acting in self-defense when he stabbed Pavlos Fyssas, a 34-year-old hip-hop singer and an anti-fascist activist, early on September 18 outside a cafe in Athens district of Keratsini.

Police say the arrest of Roupakias came after the victim pointed him out as his attacker before dying.

The killing sparked outrage among Greeks who have staged several protests against the fascist Golden Dawn party since the attack took place.

The latest rally took place on the same day with some 2,000 protesters who marched through the western Athens district of Nikea, carrying banners and shouting, œstop the fascists.”

œWe want to kick the fascists out of our neighborhoods. All these years they terrorize, they beat people and even reached the point of murder,” said Thanassis Diavolakis, municipal councilor in Piraeus.

Katerina Doridou, a protester, stated, œToday we are sending one more message to Golden Dawn fascists that they are unwanted in our neighborhood.”

Officials of the far-right party denied any links with the suspect, but pictures soon emerged of Roupakias participating in party activities such as the controversial distribution of food to ethnic Greeks only.

The Greek government has also reacted to the attack with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras saying he would not allow Golden Dawn to œpoison” society and œundermine” democracy.

It has appealed to a Supreme Court prosecutor to investigate more than 30 offenses, which the government says are linked to the ultranationalist party.

Golden Dawn holds 18 seats in parliament after being elected in 2012 and has been accused of committing several attacks on migrants and political opponents, such as destroying the market stalls of several immigrant merchants.


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