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Google silent on YouTube Press TV block

More than a week after Google disabled Press TV™s YouTube account, the internet giant has yet to explain why it blocked the alternative TV channel™s access to the video sharing site.

œWe have contacted Google several times since last Thursday, when Google prevented us from uploading new videos, but (we) have not received any concrete response as to why they did it,” said Hamid Reza Emadi, Press TV™s newsroom director.

Emadi said Press TV™s YouTube page is œup and running as we speak, but we do not have admin access to the page and cannot add or remove any material.”

He said many Press TV viewers and subscribers email the channel, asking for an explanation.

œWe are telling them that we will be able to come up with an explanation once Google tells us what has happened,” he added.


Republished from: Press TV

  • http://usurykills.blogspot.com usurykills

    YouTube (Google) has LOTS of users uploading all the time. They automate too much, though, IMHO.

    They should hire some “Associates” to monitor “important” accounts.

    Or just look stupid.

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