Galloway MP to run for London Mayor

British Respect Party MP George Galloway has announced plan to fight Boris Johnson in his bid to become the next mayor of London.

Galloway told the state-run Russian TV, Russia Today that he has appointed a team of experts to examine possibilities about him running for the Mayor of London at the next election.

Speaking to RT presenter Max Keiser, Galloway said: “I have a committee which is seriously looking at the prospect of [me] running for Mayor of London at the next election.

“Iâ„¢d like to fight Boris Johnson, and I think David Cameron probably wishes Iâ„¢d be fighting Boris Johnson because if Iâ„¢m not, Boris Johnson is back in Parliament fighting him.”

The 58-year-old, who was expelled from the Labour party for bringing it into disrepute, hinted at the financial policies he would takes as London Mayor.

Galloway said: “We accept that finance is an important part of London’s economy.

“We will execute a regime of justice and fairness and democratic penetration of their [the bankers] workings, because there is no point in having an economy unless it works for the people.”

Galloway was elected as Bradford West MP during last year’s by-election.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV