From Kindergarten to University: Homeland Security Culture in America

In early March of 2009, The Department of Homeland Security, held it’s annual National Fusion Center Conference [1]. The conference highlighted the necessity for Fusion Centers to achieve Baseline Capabilities in the sharing of information and intelligence with the federal government and each other.

At the end of the same month the DHS gave a press release [2] to announce their selection of Purdue, and Rutgers Universities to co-lead the newest Center of Excellence (COE).

Centers of Excellence were created through the Homeland Security Act of 2002; the first centers began operation in 2004. With the addition of the newest one above, there are a total of 12 Centers across the country. The total number of these centers is skewed; as each center is in collaboration with multiple universities; as well as being partners with local, state, federal, and international entities. These COE’s also work with national laboratories, and corporate partners such as the RAND corporation to offer viable real world applications. In the end, there aren’t 12 centers, but a web of several hundred, and possibly thousands of centers.

The official list[3] of 12 centers are overseen by the Orwellian “Office of University Programs” [4]. The “Strategic Objectives” of this office are quoted as follows:

  •  Foster a homeland security culture within the academic community through research and educational programs.
  •  Strengthen U.S. scientific leadership in homeland security research.
  •  Generate and disseminate knowledge and technical advances to advance the homeland security mission.
  •  Integrate homeland security activities across agencies engaged in relevant academic research.
  •  Create and leverage intellectual capital and nurture a homeland security science and engineering workforce.

Notice, their admitted overall goal is not only to ‘disseminate knowledge’ and technical advances for the homeland security ‘mission’, but also to create a Homeland Security Culture within the educational system; [5], 6].

Each COE website[3] has an education link; not all sites have their educational portion up for viewing. The ones who do have the educational curricula visible, show programs offered for K-12 and college curricula, into graduate school education. From Purdue University’s COE website [7],

“This program is designed to support undergraduate and graduate students in developing the skills to become preeminent scientists in the homeland security specific and technical community.”

The Orwellian Office of University Programs, is not only creating “Obama’s Youth”, but also creating “scientists” who are studied in Department of Homeland Security disciplines!

Two Centers of Excellence stood out from the rest. The first, is Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism [8], or START which is based at the University of Maryland.

Amongst other activities, they do as the name suggests; they create studies. Hidden amongst the Islamic Jihad studies[9] were the reports of the real terrorists; you, and I!

Two reports stuck out more than the rest. The first was a study conducted from 2007 to 2008, and finished with the creation of the U.S. Extremist Criminal Terror database[10]. The study, and now database focus on far-right extremists; the data base of U.S. Extremist Crime, comprises 1990 to 2005.

The other study of interest was,Homegrown Radicalization and the Role of Social Networks and Social Inclusiveness in the United States”[11]. There is no finished report of this study. The last update was, July 31, 2008. It seems this study is the one requested through The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (H.R. 1955/S. 1959)[12] “The act would establish a national commission and a university-based “Center for Excellence” to study and propose legislation to prevent the threat of “radicalization” of Americans.” Interestingly enough, just a few months after the final START study update on July 31, 2008, the DHS released, The “Domestic Extremism Lexicon”[13]. This Lexicon was a “newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed “right-wing extremists” concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty and singles out returning war veterans as particular threats.”[14] All this came from the START Center of Excellence!

Most interesting of all these Centers of Excellence, is the newest one; which was awarded to Purdue, and Rutger Universities. It’s the Center of Excellence in Command, Control and Interoperability (C2L). There are direct links to both the Rutgers, and part of the Purdue websites from the DHS official list[3]. The link for Purdue goes to PURVAC; which is the Purdue University Regional Visualization, and Analytics Center[15]. It is labeled at the bottom as a Center of Excellence, but not the C2L website.

After a little hunting around, and *no* direct links from PURVAC, I was able to come across the official Command, Control, and Interoperability(C2L) website.

VACCINE: Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments, is the C2L Center of Excellence[16]. The stated goal is,

“To help the 2.3 million DHS personal by turning massive data into actionable knowledge through innovative visual analytic techniques is vital to the mission of the Command, Control, and Interoperability (CCI) Division of The Department of Homeland Security, as well as all of the mission areas of DHS.”

They’ve got some catchy informational research projects, such as Jigsaw, Panviz, and a host of others; which all culminate to what appears as the solution sought by the DHS Fusion Center Conference in March[1]. It seems like VACCINE is the answer to culminating all the Centers of Excellence, and the Fusion Centers into the next generation; a cure for the 21st century American. Focused on culminating, and disseminating information through all phases of life, and government; from childhood to adulthood. YOU will comply.

In learning about the 12 Centers of Excellence; there seems to be a jaded, and deliberately hidden nature about them. The problem with this is that continually when reading through all the COE websites, there were two aspects that really stuck out.

The first was a concentration on education beginning at Kindergarten, and the overall presentation of what is to be taught, is of a hidden nature. Secondly, is the fact that even though the information is hidden for our benefit; so as to keep it a secret from “We The Terrorists”, I noticed that in every single COE website, the partners included foreign countries, and multi national corporations. It’s okay for foreign countries, global corporations, and agents there of, to know what is being taught to the 21th century American, but not okay for “We The People” to know.

This investigation yielded massive amounts of information; which had no ends. The information shows the US Government, dancing around it’s true intentions with “powder puffing” a monster. These 12 Centers of Excellence headed by the DHS Office of University Programs, is not all there are. The rabbit hole opens to another 106 universities[17], and the accompanying affiliations with multiple universities, foreign countries, stake holders, and private corporation partners; sponsored by a joint program between the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, and the Department of Homeland Security. These are not just DHS centers of excellence, but are as follows:

“The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) and the CAE-Research (CAE-R) are outreach programs designed and operated initially by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the spirit of Presidential Decision Directive 63, National Policy on Critical Infrastructure Protection, May 1998. The NSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in support of the President’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, February 2003, now jointly sponsor the program. The goal of the program is to reduce vulnerability in our national information infrastructure by promoting higher education in information assurance (IA), and producing a growing number of professionals with IA expertise in various disciplines. ”[18]

Simply they are the same as the COE’s, but with more agencies involved, and just another way to cover government outcome based education through ‘spookier’ means. They are to create more homeland security molded, subservient 21st century citizens. Interestingly enough both the CAEIAE schools[19], and the COE schools have to meet requirements set forth by private foundations. Another point of interest regarding these CAEIAE schools is they are usually located so as to permit easy access to DoD installations, federal research centers, and other agency facilities.

These universities, and their disseminated information are not just a national problem for Americans, but the entire world. They are creating educational programs from kindergarten, and they are partnered with several foreign countries. It’s seemingly more, and more a 1984 Orwellian hell of reality, that Americans are being made into a “new breed”; now with the words of Patrick Henry:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

Forbid it, Almighty God!

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”


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Final note: the study by START, and published by the DHS has been amended to reflect Islamic Extremism, but with the overall same title: New Report on Homegrown Terrorism in the US, and UK.