Fraud and Corruption at the World Bank: Infowars Nightly News Talks with Karen Hudes

Kurt Nimmo
May 29, 2013

The former Senior Counsel to the World Bank and whistle-blower Karen Hudes told Infowars Nightly News on Tuesday the globalist loan sharking operation is rife with corruption.

Hudes was terminated and retaliated against after she reported on a scheme to takeover the second largest bank of the Philippines and an underhanded effort by the World Bank to cover-up rampant corruption and a subsequent bailout of the looted bank totaling $500 million.

She told David Knight that this predatory system of unprecedented corruption and fraud is controlled by the Federal Reserve and its interlocking directorship of international banksters.

Financial corruption and fraud at the World Bank and the IMF are normal business practices. Most people are kept in the dark because the establishment media refuses to report on endemic corruption and fraud at the international financial institution.

“While the U.S. press is apt to portray the IMF and World Bank as selfless Good Samaritans, the reality is that these 50 year-old institutions function more like global loan sharks,” write Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon.

In addition to running debt scams and engaging in criminal fraud, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and a tiny bankster elite are working to impose an authoritarian financial system over the entire planet.

In 2009, then World Bank president Robert Zoellick admitted the existence of a plan to eliminate national sovereignty and impose a global government during a speech on the eve of the G20 summit.

“If leaders are serious about creating new global responsibilities or governance, let them start by modernizing multilateralism to empower the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank Group to monitor national policies,” Zoellick said.

“What Zoellick is outlining is essentially the end of national sovereignty and the reclassification of national governments as mere subordinates to a global authority that is completely unaccountable to the voting public of any country,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote for Prison

“The more cynical amongst us would call this a global dictatorship. Zoellick couches the plan in flowery rhetoric of helping the poor and alleviating poverty, but as we have documented for years, the global elite’s goal of world government has little to do with saving the planet and everything to do with creating a global fascist state,” Watson concluded.



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