Force-fed Gitmo inmates climb to 29

Force-feeding chair and internal nourishment preparation inside a Ëœmedical unitâ„¢ at Guantanamo military prison where hunger striking inmates are shackled and force-fed through the nose (file photo).

While the number of hunger strikers being force-fed at US militaryâ„¢s Guantanamo detention and torture camp has climbed to 29, new details reveal that prison commanders rather than medical doctors decide who undergoes the torturous procedure.

Deputy Director of the prisonâ„¢s public affairs office, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel House, announced on Monday that the number of Guantanamo captives being force-fed has increased to 29 with five of them remaining under watch in the prison hospital but not currently suffering from Å“life-threatening conditions,” RT reported.

Moreover, in a separate report, RT further reveals that authorities at the military detention center have revised the way they force-feed the hunger strikers, requiring them to wear Å“masks” over their mouths while being shackled to a restraint chair for up to two hours.

Nasal tubes are then jammed up the nose of the protesting inmates until a liquid supplement reaches their stomachs.

The tubes, 61cm in length or longer, Å“stay in the prisonersâ„¢ nostrils until a chest X-ray or a test dose of water show that the nutritional supplement has reached the prisonerâ„¢s stomach.”

Å“The shocking procedure doesnâ„¢t stop there,” according to the report. Å“Detainees are then sent to a Ëœdry cellâ„¢ with no running water while they undergo supervision to make sure they donâ„¢t vomit. If they regurgitate their supplement, theyâ„¢re sent right back to the restraint chair.”

What is even more disturbing about the extremely painful practice, condemned by the UN as torture, is that the Å“final decision regarding who will be force-fed is left up to Guantanamo Commander John Smith – not physicians,” the report adds.

Details of the “chair restraint system clinical protocol” were released in a newly revised document titled Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Guantanamo hunger strikers by the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), which has oversight over the joint task force that operates the infamous US military prison camp in Cuba.

According to the document, Å“In the event a detainee refrains from eating or drinking to the point where it is determined by the medical assessment that continued fasting will result in a threat to life or seriously jeopardize health, and involuntary feeding is required, no direct action will be taken without the knowledge and written approval of Commander.

Thus, while doctors remain present at the

This article originally appeared on : Press TV