Film – Secrets, Shadows and the Root of All Evil

The Infowar circa 500 BC
June 5, 2013

As the secretive and shadowy Bilderberg Group meets in Watford, UK, this Operation Paul Revere entry from Europe is based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – how human perception of reality is manipulated by others. In Plato’s story, people were chained to a wall in a cave, their “reality” merely shadows projected on the wall by their controllers. The InfoWar hasn’t changed much in 2500 years.

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: Operation Paul Revere Contest | (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) from Rob Nelson on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Rob Nelson’s description:

What is really the root of all evil in our world? Is it money, as we are often told? Is it religion, or is it perhaps something more fundamental? This movie provides a different perspective on reality, challenging the idea of randomness and chance, exploring the idea of our lives being manipulated from behind the scenes. An idea that less people find controversial today, as absurdity runs rampant in our personal lives and in world events.

The movie also explains the mechanisms of denial, that keep us from expanding our awareness and from growing individually and collectively as a species.

The concept of manipulating human perception of reality was already explored in The Allegory of the Cave by Plato, in his book The Republic, written around 380 BC. Apart from Plato, the movie features Socrates and Aristotle, with their mindblowing insights that apply so accurately to our world today.

The Root of all Evil is an official entry in Alex Jones’s Operation Paul Revere Contest. We strongly recommend visiting for more information about the contest and for unbiased world news.

Do you already feel TRULY free and fulfilled? Then you probably don’t need to watch this film. Do you feel confused or senselessly oppressed by society and your political leaders? Then this movie is for you.
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