Egyptians hold fresh anti-coup protests

An Egyptian youth walks past a portrait of deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, in Cairo on July 23, 2013.

Tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have staged fresh protest rallies across Egypt to reject the army-backed government.

Egyptians held up banners and chanted slogans on the streets of Cairo, Port Said, Assiut, and elsewhere after Friday Prayers, demanding the reinstatement of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.

The protesters also slammed the interim government™s crackdown on Brotherhood supporters and the killing of protesters after Morsi™s removal in July by the country™s military.

The massive demonstration came days after an Egyptian court outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-governmental organization, followed by the seizure of the group™s financial accounts.

Meanwhile, tensions increased in the North African country as Egypt’s state media reported that assailants had hurled a grenade at a police station checkpoint north of Cairo on Friday, injuring two policemen and two civilians.

Since the overthrow of Egypt™s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi, the country has been the scene of demonstrations held by Morsi™s supporters demanding his reinstatement.

Hundreds of protesters, mostly Morsi™s supporters, were killed or wounded during the deadly violence that broke out afterwards.

About 1,000 people were killed in a week of violence between Morsi supporters and security forces after police dispersed their protest camps in a deadly operation on August 14.


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