‘Egypt eager to improve ties with Iran’

Egypt™s Interim Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy says Cairo is keen to expand relations with Iran as a œvery important” country in the Middle East, Press TV reports.

œIran is a very large and very important country in the Middle East. We would like to have good relations with Iran,” Fahmy told Press TV.

œThe new Iranian president has sent out to the world some positive signals and the world is interested in engaging Iran,” the Egyptian foreign minister said.

However, there has been a background of sensitive files between Egypt and Iran which needs to be addressed, said Fahmy, urging a substantive thaw in bilateral relations.

Iran severed its diplomatic ties with Egypt after the 1979 Islamic Revolution because Egypt had signed the Camp David Accords with the Israeli regime and offered asylum to Iran’s deposed monarch, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Tehran and Cairo, however, moved to ameliorate ties under the presidency of ousted Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi.

After the establishment of the Egyptian interim government following Morsi™s ouster in early July, Fahmy said, Cairo sought stable and positive ties with the Islamic Republic.

Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour took the oath of office after Morsi was toppled in a military coup. The African country has been gripped by mounting tensions ever since.


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