‘Egypt coup staged to guard KSA ruler’

A political analyst says Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US orchestrated the military coup in Egypt because a true democracy in the Arab country would have been a threat to the Saudi monarch.

Å“Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Americans … [are] the real axis of evil in the Middle East and that axis of evil orchestrated a brutal coup, destroying the first democracy ever in Egypt,” Co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance Kevin Barrett said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

The analyst said the democratically elected government of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt was seen as a major threat to the Saudi Arabiaâ„¢s monarch.

Å“If Egypt becomes a democracy that is going to energize democracy movement in Saudi Arabia too and this infinitely corrupt royal family would be on the way out. So, that is why the Saudis play this instrumental role in overthrowing Egyptâ„¢s first ever democracy,” said Barrett.

Barrett pointed out that under Morsiâ„¢s leadership, Å“Egypt was starting to drift out of its neo-colonialist fear. It was starting to assert itself and it was moving in a direction of independence. It was beginning to cooperate with groups like Hamas which terrified the Israelis….”

On July 3, the head of the Egyptian armed forces, General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, pushed aside Morsi and declared that the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, had been appointed as the new interim president of Egypt.

The government of army-appointed Mansour has launched a bloody crackdown on Morsi supporters and arrested more than 2,000 Muslim Brotherhood members, including the partyâ„¢s supreme leader, Mohamed Badie, who was detained on August 20.

Hundreds of people were killed in the violence following Morsi’s ouster.


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Republished from: Press TV