Egypt cleric slams peer over conduct

An Egyptian Muslim cleric has lashed out at his Qatar-based peer Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, describing him as Ëœa mufti of the Pentagon.â„¢

Sheikh Ibrahim Reza, with Egyptâ„¢s Al-Azhar University, said Qaradawi is using his wealth and knowledge to serve Western warmongers.

Sheikh Reza accused the 87-year-old leader of setting the stage for US-led attacks on Iraq and Libya through his speeches.

The outspoken cleric said Qaradawi is now beating the drums for another war in the Muslim world by supporting Western military action against Syria.

Known for his hard-line and controversial views, Qaradawi has already urged Muslims to join the Takfiri front of militancy in Syria.

The cleric has specifically become the target of verbal attacks for voicing support for the foreign-backed militants in Syria.

Sheikh Qaradawi was born in a small village in Egyptâ„¢s Nile Delta in 1926. He studied Islamic theology at Al-Azhar in Cairo, where he graduated in 1953.

However, the Sunni cleric has lived and worked in Qatar since 1961.


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Republished from: Press TV