'Egypt army has US, Israel ties at heart'

The Egyptian military seeks to push back the country into its pre-revolution era in an attempt to safeguard Cairoâ„¢s ties with Israel and the US, a political analyst tells Press TV.

In a Thursday interview, Sara Flounders slammed the Egyptian militaryâ„¢s role in suppressing the public demands in the country, saying, Å“This is very much an all-out effort by the Egyptian military to drag, forcibly drag, Egypt back to pre-February 2011.”

Å“They want to be sure that the Camp David Accords are enforced. They want to ensure that relations with Israel and with the US are secure,” she pointed out.

Egypt has been experiencing unrelenting violence since July 3, when the army toppled Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected Egyptian head of state, and suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament.

The army also appointed the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mahmoud Mansour, as the new interim president.

Since July 3, thousands of supporters of ousted Egyptian president have staged nationwide rallies to demand Morsi’s reinstatement.

On August 14, the interim government launched a brutal crackdown on thousands of peaceful pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo.

The crackdown triggered a wave of violence in the country. Almost 900 people, including nearly 100 soldiers and police, have died in the country since then.


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Republished from: Press TV