EDL finally face ban in part of UK

The British far-right group, the English Defense League, face a blanket protest ban in the East Yorkshire region of the UK after an EDL thug battered a man for unfurling a banner promoting multiculturalism.

The incident on Sunday happened during an EDL march in the city of Hull, East Yorkshire, in front of horrified onlookers from the public.

The assault left the man hospitalized with concussion and ten stitches to his head as the 46-year-old EDL member was detained and led away by the police.

Now, deputy leader of Hull city Council Daren Hale says he will demand the police place a blanket ban on EDL marches across East Yorkshire.

“It is completely unacceptable and this is the sort of thing we were worried about. I think these should be banned now,” he said.

“I will always want to defend people’s freedom of speech but, in my opinion, the intention of this march was to cause distress and upset in our community and that is exactly what happened,” he added.

The 300-strong march led to four arrests of EDL members as drunk thugs threw beer at the public as they passed them by.

The British government has so far avoided a blanket ban on EDL marches under freedom of protest justifications.

The group is widely despised by the public for their acts of violence, preaching of anti-Muslim hatred and crude behavior on the street, not to mention their frequent role in triggering street clashes, including with the police.


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Republished from: Press TV