Duping the Left: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Hillary Clinton

Bill de Blasio is a Democrat who works for banksters and globalists while spouting progressive gibberish

Kurt Nimmo
January 1, 2014

Early Wednesday, former New York city councilman Bill de Blasio was sworn into office as mayor. His task, according to the New York Times, is “to morph New York City’s municipal machinery into a closely watched laboratory for populist theories of government that have never before been enacted on such a large scale.”

Liberals far and wide eagerly await implementation of de Blasio’s tax the rich agenda. “The mayor has a remarkable opportunity to make real many progressive policies and prove their merit,” said Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California. Newsom is revered for his push on same-sex marriage and universal health care. “De Blasio matters,” he told the New York Times. “A lot of us are counting on his success.”

Once again, liberals demonstrate a large blind spot. They are unable to see beyond flimsy neo-socialist rhetoric peddled by a rotating cast of establishment liberals. Bill de Blasio is not a progressive savior. He is a prop for the ruling elite. He is further evidence that a large number of people — millions of voters in New York City — can be almost effortlessly swindled. De Blasio talks the talk — tax the rich, universal prekindergarten, McJob benefits — but will walk a well-scripted walk designed by Wall Street and the banksters.

In October, he paid tribute to Wall Street and the financial class. “Wall Street is our hometown industry,” he declared during a lunch held at the headquarters of one of the largest transnational corporations in the world, Viacom. Executives in attendance included Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, bankers from Blackstone and other private equity firms, and the enemy of liberals far and wide, Rupert Murdoch. The “conservative” Murdoch, it should be remembered, hosted a fundraiser back in 2006 for then New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who was running for president but lost out to Barack Obama.

The meeting with Goldman Sachs and other wreckers of the American dream “is no surprise coming from a man whose earliest supporters consist of billionaire investor George Soros, Goldman Sachs general counsel Robert Katz and several other leaders from prominent NYC hedge fund firms and investment houses,” writes Keith Johnson for the American Free Press. “Nor is it a shock to discover that de Blasio’s transition team is conspicuously absent of anti-Wall Street rebels while boasting a number of insiders like Michael E. Schlein, a former top executive with Citigroup, and Peter J. Madonia, outgoing mayor Bloomberg’s former chief of staff and current Chief Operating Officer of the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Bankster business as usual “will continue to gain momentum under de Blasio,” Johnson notes. “Disguised as a champion of the little guy, the new mayor will prove to be Wall Street’s best friend by feigning to shoulder the popular resentment towards NYC’s thieving banksters and lulling the angered masses back to sleep. It worked with Obama in D.C. and there’s no reason why it can’t work in the nation’s equally-influential seat of power.”

Bill de Blasio will buttress the coming presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. On Monday, Politico underscored de Blasio’s deep connection to the Clintons and noted that the new mayor of the Big Apple will shore up her liberal cred, never mind the in-your-face effrontery toward the anti-war crowd as Secretary of State Clinton not so long ago led the march to war in Libya, an action that ultimately cost 30,000 lives and resulted in the destruction of that country. It was an accomplishment the neocons praised Clinton for, although they prefer Republicans doing the killing.

“As church people say, he can ‘witness’ for them,” James Carville, the Democrat strategist, television talking head and former Bill Clinton adviser told Politico. “He can go up, talk about her, how she stands up for people. It could be very, very helpful.”

If de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” rhetoric on poverty and riches in New York appears successful, and people buy into the illusion, it may help Clinton waltz into the White House. “That [progressive] element of the Democratic coalition will listen to him,” said Democrat strategist Tad Devine. “He’s in a unique position to … talk about Hillary Clinton, running her campaign, knowing her well. He’s going to be able to talk about her in human terms, which could be very helpful with an element of the Democratic Party that may want to put some distance between her and them because they’re to the left of her.”

“Bill de Blasio’s campaign raised fundamental issues around economic fairness and ensuring everyone gets a fair shot,” said Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress. “Those issues are the challenges of our time and will affect our politics and national policy for years to come.”

More political blather. The Center for American Progress is not seriously interested in “economic fairness and ensuring everyone gets a fair shot,” it is, rather, a front organization for establishment Democrats and is funded by the globalist financier George Soros. Set up by the establishment stalwart John Podesta, the head of Obama’s presidential transition team after the 2008 election and former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, the think tank has function as a pro-war propaganda tool.

Liberals and Democrats should know better. But they never seem to get the drift. Bill de Blasio is more of the same, a Democrat who works for the banksters and globalists while spouting progressive gibberish and providing plenty of opportunity for establishment Republicans to engage in more endless left-vs-right distraction.

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