Despite Lack of Global Warming, UN Sure Humanity Is to Blame

As independent experts point to growing evidence for global cooling amid a lack of warming over the past 16 years, the United Nations and its largely discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a summary of its latest climate report that seems to be a desperate raise on a busted flush. The document, which is already coming under fierce criticism and even ridicule from scientists around the world, claimed that the UN and its politically selected “experts” were more confident than ever that humanity is to blame for increasing temperatures — even while admitting that temperatures had essentially not increased, in defiance of all UN predictions.

Despite the lack of warming that has demolished the credibility of supposed “climate models” trumpeted by the climate-hysteria industry and the UN, the global body’s panel claimed to be 95 percent sure that humans are at fault. Five years ago, they claimed to be 90 percent certain, apparently arbitrary and unscientific numbers developed mostly for PR purposes. As expected, the latest report also proposed a draconian planetary regime to reduce carbon dioxide known as a “carbon budget” for humanity. Analysts, even in the establishment media, pointed out that one of the key purposes of the report is to help provide a semblance of public support for the anti-CO2 regulatory scheme sought by would-be global authorities.

If adopted, nobody disputes the fact that the “carbon budget” would grant unprecedented powers over people, businesses, and governments to planetary bureaucrats. The multi-trillion dollar scheme would also wreak havoc on the global economy — virtually every human activity, including breathing, releases carbon dioxide, a gas that is essential to plant life. On top of that, experts say the plan would have virtually no effect on the climate. Human emissions of the essential gas, which the UN and its lackeys in much of the establishment media continue to ludicrously demonize as “pollution,” make up just a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases present naturally in the atmosphere.

The UN, though, sounded a highly alarmist tone, in keeping with past efforts to create a sense of urgency. “Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, in global mean sea level rise, and in changes in some climate extremes,” claimed the UN report’s “summary for policymakers,” which is already being torn apart by independent scientists and even former IPCC experts who have resigned in disgust. “It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.”

As The New American and other media outlets have reported extensively, the UN IPCC’s previous scandal-plagued climate report become a global laughing stock and led to plunging faith in UN global-warming theories. The report was packed with fundamental errors, even on basic facts and science, and much of the content was later shown to have come from radical pseudo-environmentalist advocacy organizations. Then there was “Climategate,” a scandal involving leaked e-mails that exposed top climate alarmists engaged in fraud and data manipulation.

Data released in recent years, meanwhile, confirmed once again that UN computer models and theories were at best wildly incorrect — and a deliberate fraud at worst. Among the most glaring: The IPCC and its supposed experts forecasted significant temperature increases as CO2 levels continued to rise. The predicted warming never came, however, as even the IPCC now quietly admits in its latest report. So, the UN, governments, and fellow climate alarmists were left struggling hard to come up with an explanation for the missing warming.

Trying to create a sense of urgency amid the growing criticism and ridicule, the UN said it expected a return to “substantial warming” in the coming decades despite the ongoing hiatus. As has become typical, the usual unsupported doom-and-gloom predictions of deadly storms, accelerating sea-level rises, heat waves, droughts, and plenty of other frightening catastrophes were threatened if humanity failed to submit to a UN climate regime immediately.

While claiming that “climate models have improved” since the last IPCC report, the explanations for the lack of warming — the UN downplays the gorilla in the room by calling it a mere “slowdown” — have been widely ridiculed by independent scientists, experts, and even some members of the media. Everything from volcanoes and declining sun activity to heat being somehow mysteriously transported into the deep oceans were cited as possible excuses for the fact that its models were thoroughly discredited.

The sun does play a crucial role, according to experts — far more important than human carbon emissions, which may or may not have some minor effect. Because sun activity is decreasing, numerous prominent experts have warned that the earth may be facing a cooling period. The UN, though, emphasized its unproven theory about heat going into the deep ocean, despite the lack of data or observation to support it. As the UN and its allies fiendishly demand a global anti-carbon crusade to save the world, simply admitting that the climate theories were misleading or outright wrong appears to be off the table.

Indeed, even if the IPCC wanted to admit its previous mistakes or deceptions, there was strong pressure to not mention them at all. The Obama administration and other governments pushing climate hysteria, for example, were unsatisfied with the proposed excuses and called on the UN to cover for the lack of warming in the report, recent documents leaked to the Associated Press showed. German authorities even sought to have the IPCC delete the admission about the missing warming altogether, which would have represented an almost certainly fatal blow to the UN’s already shattered credibility.

Incredibly, though, UN IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri tried to do just that, contradicting his own previous statements acknowledging the lack of warming predicted by the entity’s scientists. “I don’t think there is a slowdown,” he was quoted as saying this week in the government-funded BBC News, which has also come under strong criticism for parroting more than a few now-debunked alarmist talking points. As Forbes pointed out in an article about the global warming narrative unraveling and the IPCC being in “damage control mode”: Pachauri’s “astonishing denialism not only undercuts IPCC credibility,” it also blatantly contradicts his own statements in media interviews earlier this year, where he acknowledged a “17-year pause in global temperature rises.”

Ironically, perhaps, even lead UN IPCC authors have been telling the press in recent months that there have not been any compelling answers or explanations as to why the UN-promised global warming has stopped. The establishment media has noticed, too, with news reports around the world highlighting the now-inescapable fact that the UN’s predictions were wrong. In many cases, though — especially in the wake of the latest report summary release — the global media continues to uncritically parrot the alarmism while ignoring that vast amounts of contradictory information and the growing scandals.

UN alarmists were also busy hyping the supposed threat humanity poses to the world. “Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time,” IPCC co-chairman Thomas Stocker was quoted as claiming in media reports. “In short, it threatens our planet, our only home.” Even if governments were to “stop” carbon dioxide emissions right now — remember, every time you exhale, you emit CO2 — supposed “climate change” and its effects will “persist for many centuries,” he claimed. Obviously, the climate has been changing since the Earth was created.

The solution, according to the UN and its alarmist climate report summary, is to promptly submit to global governance under the guise of controlling CO2 emissions. The top UN “climate” bureaucrat, Christiana Figueres, for instance, claimed the UN report underscored the need for “urgent action” to restrict carbon in the fight against “global warming.” “To steer humanity out of the high danger zone, governments must step up immediate climate action and craft an agreement in 2015 that helps to scale up and speed up the global response,” she demanded without alluding to the lack of warming.

Critics, though, lambasted the latest report. “You have to pity the UN. The climate events of 2013 have been one of the most devastating to the UN’s political narrative on global warming,” noted Climate Depot chief Marc Morano in comments about the latest report. “Both poles have expanding ice, with the Antarctic breaking all-time records, global temperatures have failed to rise for 15 plus years, global cooling has occurred since 2002, polar bear numbers are increasing, wildfires are well below normal, sea-level rise is failing to accelerate, tornadoes are at record lows, hurricanes are at record low activity, Gore’s organization is flailing and losing donors amid layoffs, former climate believers like Judith Curry are growing more skeptical by the day. I doubt many will be frightened by the UN IPCC, simply a political body masquerading as a scientific group. The thrill is gone.”

As UN alarmists become increasingly shrill while their wild demands become more transparent and outlandish, their climate theories have become widely discredited — especially as more and more evidence now points to global cooling. That means the planetary body and national governments, which are desperately seeking to expand their own power under the guise of saving the climate, are in a race against time to get the global carbon regime in place. If and when humanity realizes that the UN and governments around the world have been engaged in what independent scientists regularly call “fraud” — and that moment appears to be nearing as the proverbial rats jump ship — the backlash is likely to be swift and fierce.

Photo of panelists at IPCC meeting in Stockholm Sept. 23: AP Images

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