Democrat Debt Victory and the Decline of Tea Party Republicans

Paul Ryan promenades with Dems as debt heads to stratosphere

Kurt Nimmo
December 13, 2013

Does Ryan betrayal signal death knell for tea party wing of Republican party? Photo: Gage Skidmore

How do you like your refurbished tea party now, America?

Last year Paul Ryan, who earlier this week cosigned future generations of Americans to crushing debt slavery, was billed as the ideological hero of the formerly libertarian movement.

“It’s a big step toward what the tea party has been trying to accomplish,” Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of the Koch operation, FreedomWorks, said about Ryan’s selection as vice president last year. “It gives people a reason to be more enthusiastic about the Republican ticket,” he told the AP.

“In Ryan, the tea party sees someone who adheres strictly to its core principles — individual rights, distrust of big government and an allegorical embrace of the Founding Fathers,” the AP reported. “Tea party activists exalt his willingness to address the large-scale Medicare and Social Security cutbacks he says are needed to rein in out-of-control spending.”

They’re eating crow now. But to add insult to injury, the subsumed tea party, which was never more than a stage prop and cheering section for establishment Republicans, is experiencing a fall in corporate polls.

“For the first time, a slim majority of Americans say they have an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party movement,” Gallup reported on Wednesday. “About one-third view the movement favorably, a new low. A smaller percentage, 22%, in a separate question identify themselves as supporters of the movement, while 24% describe themselves as opponents. Nearly half (48%) are neutral.”

Ryan’s betrayal gets worse. In addition to spending $63 billion more than the government currently spends, thus completely sabotaging the sequester, the Ryan-Murray budget deal contains a little noticed provision.

On December 11, Jonathan Strong wrote:

The bill includes language from the Senate Democrats’ budget that voids senators’ ability to raise a budget “point of order” against replacing the sequester cuts with tax increases.

The process is quite complicated, but in practice it grants Harry Reid the authority to send tax increases to the House with a bare majority, rather than the 60-vote threshold that would be required under a point of order.

In short, tea party favorite Ryan has signed on to an effort by Democrats to increase spending and debt even more than previously imagined possible. The legislation now heads to the Democrat controlled Senate.

How bad is Murray-Ryan? Judge Napolitano clues is in:

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