Car bomb kills civilian in Libya


Libyan men inspect the wreckage of a car on August 6, 2013 in the eastern Mediterranean city of Benghazi.

A civilian has been killed in a car bomb attack in Libya’s Benghazi amid escalating violence in the North African country.

The man identified as Hamed Ali al-Warfelli was killed on Tuesday after a bomb planted under his car went off, Colonel Mohamed al-Hijazi, a spokesman for security forces, said.

Å“The blast was very loud and the victim’s body was burned to a cinder… It took more than an hour to identify him. Initial results of the investigation indicate it could have been a settling of scores,” al-Hijazi added

Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city, has seen a wave of violence in recent months. Benghazi is the cradle of the 2011 uprising which toppled the longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The city has been the scene of numerous attacks and assassinations since then.

Over the past months, eastern Libya has been hit by bombings and assassinations targeting judges as well as military and police officers who worked under ousted dictator.

On July 15, gunmen in a vehicle gunned down Colonel Fethi Ali al-Amami, a commander with the investigation and rescue brigade of the Libyan Air Force, in the eastern port city of Derna.

Two Libyan Army officials have reportedly been injured in bomb blasts in late July.

In June, armed men killed appeal court judge Mohammed Ibrahim Houidi, the president of the criminal division, in Derna.


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Republished from: Press TV