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Canada set to sack senators over scandal

The government of Canada™s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to sack three senators over a growing expenses scandal.

The Conservative government said on Thursday that it would suspend its one-time stars in the Senate, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, without pay.

The three, who face a criminal probe after an audit, were appointed to the upper house by Harper.

The audit shows they filed ineligible claims to use taxpayer money for housing and travel expenses. All of them have been stripped of their political resources.

A journalist revealed that Senator Duffy was suffering with heart problems and had been hospitalized in August.

In a letter to the Senate speaker, Duffy said, œMy (doctor) suggests that to avoid further stress on my system, I stay off work until I get the all-clear from my medical team.”

Senator Claude Carignan, who is the government leader in the Senate, said Duffy™s medical issues are unlikely to affect the planned suspensions.

œFor me, it does not affect my proposition, my motion,” said Carignan. œHe will have the opportunity to speak again, to move amendments. He could explain his case Tuesday.”


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